And so it begins.
The year was 1999, shortly before the dot-com bubble burst and ended the dreams of countless millionaire-hopefuls worldwide.
I had a rather "interesting" (read: unorthodox) professor that semester, for one of the Psychology modules I was taking. Aside from the standard texts and journals for research, he strongly encouraged the class to look at sources outside of academia as well.
"Just go onto Google and do a search," was his favourite line.
And each time I would think, Goo-WHAT?! Don't you mean Yahoo?! For indeed, that was the only search engine I used at the time. For me to consider anything else would have been blasphemy, 'cos as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it - I saw no reason to switch as Yahoo was serving me fine.
But in the end I suppose, curiosity gets the better of you, especially when it's endorsed by someone with the credentials...
The first time.
I remember vividly my virgin experience on Google.
Let's just see why [insert professor's name here] trusts this clownish-sounding sorry excuse for a search engine. I mean, come on! Gooooogle???!! What kind of a name is that? You can't be serious right?!
As the page loaded - incredibly fast - I realised that it didn't have all those "extras" Yahoo had on its main search page. No personals, shopping, travel, real estate, sports, blah blah... basically all those other redundant items that took up valuable loading time. (Bear in mind those were the days of 56K modem connections.) No ads too, amusingly. In fact, all there was, was... a plain ol' search box! And a strange button labelled "I'm Feeling Lucky". I didn't know what to think. For a moment I wondered if I'd stumbled onto some kind of joke site. A pretty cool joke site though!
Skeptically, I entered a couple of search terms into the box. Well, I had to, hadn't I - there wasn't anything else to do! Anything else to distract me from the sole purpose of searching...
As soon as I pressed the "Google Search" button, the results popped up. Almost instantaneously.
The results page was stupefyingly "clean" and easy to process. Immediately, I could see among the first few snippets exactly what I'd wanted to find... Not bad for a "Google", not bad at all!
The struggle.
Hating to think that it'd taken me only till now to discover this potential gem of a search engine, I tried to give Yahoo several more chances before deciding whether to change camp for good.
In the beginning, I would search using both Yahoo and Google simultaneously, hoping that the former would somehow come out tops and I could therefore say, See? I was still using the better search engine all along! However, with significantly longer loading times, ads strewn all over the page, an uncomfortably cluttered layout, and - most importantly - poorer, less relevant results, I soon realised that there was in effect no real competition at all: Google was simply unbeatable at every level.
The start of a most beautiful love affair.
Since defecting more than a decade ago, I've not looked back.
Over time, as I learnt to search more effectively and better harness Google's amazing power, I realised that the giant only gets better.
From just searching alone, Google has expanded to offer such a wide variety of useful services, that one would be hard-pressed to not require and/or utilise them at some point or other.
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In fact, so does Yahoo it would seem. (Poor Yahoo... I loved you once!)
Thus the birth of this website.
Founded for the primary means of conveying my love and appreciation for a quirky little ("little" being very much a figure of speech here) company without which my life would not be the same.
Please note that I am in no way affiliated to Google or any of its partners, subsidiaries or whatever, and blah blah blah [this is where the rest of the legal mumbo jumbo - mostly disclaimers and such - would go], therefore please do not sue.
(Being a small fry from a tiny island, I wouldn't have the money to pay anyway.)
That having been said, sit back, relax, and enjoy
For now, the blog is where all the action happens, so head on down and join in the Google love!

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